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Frequently Asked Questions on Swim Spas and Hot Tub Spas

As a swim spa hot tub jacuzzi Manufacturer Dealer, we know there are always questions regarding the purchase of a portable swim spa or tub. If your question not listed here? Swim Max representative can also answer any questions you may have. We want to be your number one swim spa hot tub jacuzzi dealer for portable hot tubs, so please let us know if we can improve on our listing of questions and answers. Contact us if you have any swm spa or hot tub questions not answered below.

  1. How long will it take to get my swim spa hot tub jacuzzi?
    Most commonly, it takes 3-4 weeks to build the swim spa and then 2-10 days to be delivered to your home depending on where you live. If the spa is in inventory, it could be shipped out once shipping arrangements can be made. If there is a balance, it must be paid prior to scheduling delivery, unless discussed with sales rep or manufacturer prior to shipping date.
  2. How is my swim spa hot tub delivered?
    • Curbside Delivery: Swim Spa, Hot Tubs are to be unloaded & delivered to your curbside location. Equipment used by either North American or Other Freight Companies or Company Truck: (2) four wheel dollies, pallet jack, lift gate, and (2) men, or Company Flat bed truck. Some swim spas or hot tubs will come in a box trailer and will require a forklift or crane to remove or a tow truck. Other ways of removing your swim spa, using a tractor / tractor with forklift hookup, using a tow truck with large flatbed using their wench to pull it out onto the trailer bed. The removal is the responsibly of the owner when it arrives unless the process was discussed with sales or the manufacturer prior to delivery (which was included in the price). Once shipped you will either recieve a tracking number if sent by common carrior to by one of our factory truck drivers.
    • Backyard Delivery: Parameters of Backyard Delivery - The swim spa, hot tub delivery placement must be with in 300ft. of truck, the path must be free of obstruction which would hamper or effect the delivery, the path the delivery crew will take from the truck to the backyard placement area must be relatively level in such a way that two people can safely deliver the swim spa, hot tub, the backyard delivery can NOT involve more than (3) steps for the delivery crew to ascend / descend. Equipment used by North American: (2) four wheel dollies, pallet jack, lift gate, 3/4" plywood, side cutters, walkboard (to be used as ramp if needed), (2) men.
    • Customers will be contacted prior to delivery and an appointment will be made which is mutually acceptable. Generally, Saturday deliveries are not available unless by a driver in the area of Florida. Those who wish to arrange for additional services (i.e. up stairs, inside the home, etc.) should negotiate fees at the time they are contacted by North American for delivery.
  3. Is shipping extra?
    Contact our sales professional dealer about our FREE delivery (most deliveries are FREE and included in purchase of swim spa, hot tub jacuzzi - unless you are located in a "rule area" and may cost you additional fees to unload.
  4. Where can I put my swim spa, hot tub and do I have to pour a cement slab?
    • Many consumers may not get full enjoyment from their new swim spa hot tub purchase because of poor site planning. Privacy from neighbors, distance from the home and many other factors contribute to the appearance and ultimately the use of the spa by you and your family. Most spas are placed outdoors (over 80%) and it is simply fantastic to look up at the stars at night while luxuriating in your own personal spa. Think about the location and sit in chairs where you plan to put your hot tub and observe what is going on in that area before you build a slab or reinforce your deck. You will be glad that you took the time to plan properly while you sit in the perfect spot on your property.
    • For a swim spa, hot tub located indoors (perhaps a sunroom or screened in porch) be certain to supply ventilation with fans and windows.
    • For an outdoor swim spa/hot tub a level concrete slab or wood deck is appropriate. This surface should be able to withstand a minimum load of 100 pounds per square foot. Pavers and or stone is not recommended because these products have a tendency to shift over time, but can be used. Do not place your hot tub directly on sand or grass.
    • Your spa should be on a concrete pad at least 4" thick and have footers on the edge below the frost line. The size for a concrete pad should be at least 18" to 24" outside of the setting swim spa size, for any maintenance issues that may arrise and not recommended not to set spa up against the a wall or siding where you would have to drain the spa if a technician had to open up an area that was next to a wall.
    • Putting spa on your deck or cement pad is recommended.
  5. What electrical set up is required?
    Typically all of our hot tubs are 220V/240V - 50 to 60Amp with a G.F.C.I. breaker. For specific information on the Swim Spa/Hot Tub that you ordered go to the swim spa hot tub section and look in the manual for the series tub that you ordered.

    A licensed electrician will be required in order to properly bring power to the unit, and not have your warranty voided. Fill swim spa piror to turning on the power.
  6. How much will it cost to operate swim spa hot tub jacuzzi?
    It will depend on the usage and size of your unit. On average, people spend about a dollar a day to operate their spa. Your usage, climate and cost per Kw hour will all contribute to operating cost. All spas come with economy mode of operation and feature Arctic Heat insulation to reduce energy consumption and make using your spa all year round more comfortable.
  7. Are there ever any swim spa/hot tubs in stock to choose from?
    Contact our sales professionals for current stock. (at times we have a bleam saving you hundreds of dollars).
  8. At what temperature should the swim max swim spa hot tub be kept?
    In the beginning you should start your swim spa hot tub at 98-100 degrees depending on where you live. Once you are accustomed to this temperature you can adjust up or down to get to the temperature that is perfect for you. This is mainly personal preference although you should not stay in the hot tub for longer than 10—15 minutes at 104 degrees. If you are pregnant you should limit your time in the swim spa hot tub and reduce the temperature. Check with your health care professional before you get into the hot tub. If you ever feel dizzy leave the hot tub immediately and holding onto the grab rail or edge of coping to safely get yourself out of the hot tub.
  9. How long can I stay in the swim spa/hot tub?
    Again, this is personal preference, the higher the temperature the shorter the duration for safe hot tubbing. Fifteen minutes is the average rule at 100 degree water. Always bathe with others and don’t over do it.
  10. Will my swim spa hot tub jacuzzi cure arthritis?
    A swim spa hot tub provide temporary relief of muscle pain and joint pain and control arthritis pain. Swim Spa hot tub therapy with jacuzzi action also can help reduce stress and may help induce weight loss.
  11. I have high blood pressure; can I use the swim spa/hot tub jacuzzi?
    Please check with your doctor.
  12. I am pregnant; can I use the swimspa/hot tub jacuzzi?
    Please check with your doctor.
  13. Can I drink alcohol in a swim spa/hot tub jacuzzi?
    You really shouldn’t. The effect of alcohol is multiplied at least 4 times at 104 degrees.
  14. Can I use the spa hot/tub in the winter?
    Your swim spa hot tub is a 4-season product. Use your tub anytime of the year and anytime of the day! Most hot tub enthusiasts will agree that the winter time is the best time to be in a swim spa hot tub. The cold winter air will not affect you when you are in the swirling warm waters of your hot tub. You may think that you will not use it in the winter time, you will find that is not the case once you experience the therapeutic benefits of a soak in frigid cold weather. Did we mention that its cool to have snow accumulate on your head while the rest of you is toasty warm in the swim spa hot tub?
  15. Does it matter when you fill it up with water for the first time that it is hard water? In other words does our water have to be filtered first?
    No. It's ok. In fact, it's best to bypass water softners when filling your swim spa/hot tub.  Just feed the water in through one of the filter housing of the spa and it will trap any impurities in the water.
  16. Do you recommend treating the swim spa hot tub cover with any spray to prevent from the UV rays of the sun to help it last longer?
    You may use a UV inhibitor. The brand we like is called "303 Aerospace protectant."
  17. How much space do you need with the cover butler to store the cover next to the swim spa hot tub?
    24 inches is preferable in the back and at least six inches on each side that the pivot bar is on.
  18. How do you drain the swim spa hot tub?
    All our spa come with drain valves that are located in the base of the hot tub. Simply remove the cap and attach a garden hose to the valve and turn it to flow to release the water from the hot tub.
  19. How does the 100ft filtration system work?
    We use suction cartridge filters in our spas.  A cartridge filter is pleated and is made from a heavy paper like product called Remay. The fiber traps particles like hair, skin cells and other contaminants that have been burned up by the sanitizer in the water. Filters do not  sanitize your water. They simply remove particles   To clean, you simply remove it and blast it with a hose.  You'll see the job it's doing at cleaning time!  Filters may need to be replaced every 3 months.
  20. Can I call a technician from your company to help me with my swim spa/hot tub?
    Yes. No matter which brand you buy there will be a knowledgeable technician to help you out if you need it. Contact us for assistance with your hot tub.
  21. What side of the swim spa hot tub should have the most access?
    Our swim spa hot tubs look fantastic and are easiest to service when access is available from all side of the swim spa hot tub when the swim spa hot tub is sitting above grade. If you feel that you must sink the swim spa hot tub in a deck or limit the access to the swim spa hot tub you may incur costly repair bills and inconvenience when attempting to gain access to hot tub components. For limited access situations we recommend the side with the swim spa hot tub pack in it inside the cabinet. Since we make such a variety of spas it is always best to check with our sales professionals before you decide on a restrictive location or paint yourself into a corner. Call us, we will be glad to help you find the right model that suits your location needs.
  22. What is the chemical set up?
    • Step one: If using perfect pH, add the entire bottle to the swm spa hot tub water. Run the spa on high speed (jets) for 15 minutes, then proceed with step #2. If you are not using perfect pH, go directly to step #2.
    • Step two: Add 2 bottle caps of concentrated demineralizer or Metal out to the water. Some brands require that you must add the entire bottle. Read the instructions on your bottle to be sure.
    • Step three: Add 2 bottle caps of Spa Shock or Spa Chlor to the water. Do not use Non-Chlorine Spa Shock the first time when filling with fresh water.
    • Step four: Add 2 bottle caps of Water Clarifier to the water.
    • Step five: Add 2 ounces of Scumdigester or any other enzyme based oil-eating product to the water.
    • Step six: Test and adjust the pH of the water to 7.6 - 8.2 by adding either pH Plus or pH Minus (Don’t do this if using Perfect pH).
    • Step seven: Test and adjust the Alkalinity of the water to between 100 - 120 by adding Alkalinity Plus (Don’t do this if using Perfect pH).
    • Step eight: Add 4 - 6 Bromine Tablets to the Bromine Floater and put Floater in the spa water.
    • Step nine: Run spa on low speed (heat) for at least 6 hours to heat up, properly mix all the chemicals and completely filter the water.
  23. What is the weekly maintenance of my swim spa/hot tub jacuzzi?
    • Step one: Test water for Bromine, pH and Alkalinity.
    • Step two: Add 2 - 3 new Bromine Tablets to the Floater if necessary. Try to maintain an average Bromine level of between 1.0 - 1.5.
    • Step three: Adjust the Alkalinity to between 100 - 120 and the pH to 7.6 - 8.2 (Don’t manually adjust the pH or Alkalinity if using Perfect pH).
    • Step four: Rinse off the cartridge filter with fresh water monthly.
    • Step five: Squeeze out Scum balls or Scum bugs and rinse them off with fresh water.
    • Step six: Add 2 bottle caps of Water Clarifier.
    • Step seven: Add 2 bottle caps of Spa Shock, Spa Chlor or Non-Chlorine Spa Shock.
    • Step eight: Add 2 ounces of Scumdigester or any other enzyme based oil-eating product to the water.
    • Step nine: Clean water line and lip of spa with Spray Away or Novus acrylic spa cleaner (do not use a soap based cleaner !)