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The Ultimate Affordable Swim Spas with Hot Tub Jacuzzi Jets. 9 of our Best Swim Spa Models Customized For Your Health, Fitness and Wellness. Why buy a swim spa you ask? For health would be the best answer, relax after a hard day of work and play.

You Save Hundreds and Thousands on our 11ft, 12ft, 14ft, 16ft and 18ft swim spas. NEW 11ft Now in production! Buy and SCHEDULE yours today.

New 11ft Fitness Swim Spa Trainer with 64 Jets & 2 Turbo Jets.

The PR982 Premium Spa - A LARGE HOT TUB Seating 8 with Lounger and LED's to the Max with 2 Waterfalls...iPod/MP3 Stereo System 4 Speakers and sub-woofer.



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Aquatic X14 Swim Spa

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Reasons To Buy our Swim Spas

Every Aquatic Fitness Trainer Swim Spas are manufactured to the highest industry standards, using only ETL and UL listed components. Our swim spas are manufactured here in the U.S., (not from china)with unique designs and consumer desired features, combined with exceptional swimming and therapeutic jet configurations give Swim Max a distinct and quantitative advantage over competitive products.  High powered 300 GPM Pumps and directionally adjustable River & Turbo Swim Jets will accommodate every level of swimmer - novice to professional and every therapeutic jet is designed to cater to the needs of the user. Be it for Aquatic training, comfort and relaxation or simply a means to relieve sore muscles or mental stress you will find every Fitness Spa is up to the task.
Swim or Fitness spas are a growing trend and whether they are used as an alternative to a swimming pool or back yard oasis of health and family fun, they are a smart investment and one that should be carefully considered before deciding on a brand.
According to the American Heart Association, just 30-60 minutes of physical activity 3-4 days per week can help reduce your risk for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. As a regular physical activity, swimming and other means of aquatic therapy can also help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol.

Rowing and Exercise Equipment - Standard on "X" Model Aquatic Fitness Swim Spas


Our Premium Swim Spas are Engineered with Exacting Standards for ultimate reliabilty, low maintenance, Energy Efficiency and life long enjoyment with your family and friends.  Our equipment selections are always state-of-the-art with easily accessable components that will be familiar to any quailified hot tub spa technician. Your Warranty covers you for a Lifetime Structure with16 guage steel shell and frame support ; PLUS our "Guarantee" just our way of telling you thanks for giving us your trust when you purchase our products. We have your back! All products are made here in the U.S.!

Trending Topic: Health Fitness, Rehabilitation and Swim Spas

Swim Spas are exploding as the fastest growing segment in outdoor enjoyment. With more and more people interested in health, fitness, wellness and rehabilitation all go hand in hand where the swim spa is a natural to fulfill the need to move and relax.  More roomy than a hot tub but using much less space than a built in swimming pool, swim spas are becoming must haves for those who want to enhance their lifestyle with a water feature and have small landscapes. People with smaller lots are loving them for their space saving features.


What is a Swim Spa Used For?

Pools in small spaces can be a challenge and very expensive, but there is no construction or excavation needed here as if you were installing a swimming pool.  Our completely self contained portable swim spas enable you to have a fantastice water features in even a small space saving you thousands of dollars. No need to hire a pool service as our swim spas clean themselves 24-7 365 days year with our ozone system.

The combination of hydrotherapy for relaxation and renewal of health, and the swim lane with a strong adjustable current to swim or exercise against just can not be compared to either a swimming pool or a hot tub alone. Experience the quality that only a SwimMax Swim Spa can capture in jet design positioning and comfort.